Your advantages

5 arguements at a glance

1. Attractive in cost-benefit comparison
2. Programming and archiving under one roof
3. WebArchiv available in sixteen languages
4. Documents digitally search
5. Workflow through support of interfaces

Cost-benefit comparison

Digital archiving of your daily mail intake replaces thick file folders which move from office to office. Which saves time and space.

The management, accounts, production and distribution can simultaneously access the documents. Also the tax office and tax advisors can be guaranteed access.

You see it: It pays.

Software, archiving and advice from one source

For more than six years the Knoch.WebArchive has been continuously imporoved and expanded by our internal software development.

Also for scanning and archiving we place emphasis on our experienced and trustworthy staff. Management and marketing are absolute specialists for customer consultation and project planning. The best thing for you is:

They all work together under one roof.

16 Languages

A smaller but more refined advantage: Our software is available in 16 languages.

Companies with Europewide branches can profit from this because the Knoch.WebArchive can be supplied for each user in his own language

Search documents digitally

Knoch.WebArchive offers access via PC, tablet and smartphones.

Depending on access rights, information can be digitally searched and processed in all departments. It applies for each user that no matter where you are or when you go online:

Your data and documents are ready.

The WebArchiv supports your workflow

The Knoch.WebArchive is not an isolated application. Our interface to DATEV simplifies procedures in your accounts department and assists your tax office.

If you use CRM, ERP or TMS systems then we supply the necessary or desired interfaces in order to make our data world accessible and useable for you.
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