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File indexing required by the customer From the full-text recognition to Cold processing via barcode recognition

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Modern CRM systems are today in the position to enter any kind of data across the order procedure. However, often essential information accumulates in "analog" documents such as invoices, delivery notes and production documentation. These documents must be made available digitally and subsequently to be embedded in your system by coherent indexing.

Using scanning to the hard drive
First your documents must be scanned. Here it applies: The cleaner the scan process the more exactly the contained data can later be read by OCR software. Subsequently the stack of paper or folders can be stored by us or yourself - or even destroyed, exactly as you wish.

From raw scan to OCR data recognition
Your scanned documents are initially comparable to digital photos. Only the OCR software can read letter for letter, form words and thus make the content accessible. However the software does not recognise 100%: Whether for a "1" in reality a piece of fluff is involved is identified by our technical personnel by manual data checking at our high performance scanners.

The person checking can also immediately do the sorting
We place great value on the quality of your scanned documents. In the process information essential for your workflow such as amounts, invoice numbers or supplier data can, of course, be added manually to the scan. Good, we can complete this for you.

The Knoch.WebArchiv: Only a mouse click away
Your digitised documents are now ready to be viewed by you online - no matter where you are actually located. Our web interface enables simple access via PC or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Intuitive full text search or search by latest data entries ... The Knoch.WebArchive enables new perspectives for approvals and decisions 

Digital documents for DATEV, SAP and other merchandise management systems
Your digitised documents are also available to be included in your internal company ERP workflow. For this purpose we analyse the available interfaces and develop further necessary programs which you dock to your data network. In the process, of course, your supplier lists, indexing criteria and barcode systems are included.
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